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Custom clothing and costuming for cosplayers, dancers and anyone who wants to be able to move in their clothes - and still look great. Want the style but can't make it or find it? Tired of clothes that don't fit or fall apart? Historical Fashion will work with you to design and sew the garments you imagine.

We specialize in imaginative clothing & costumes for hard to fit women. Special occasion dresses. Historical costumes. Cosplay. Dancewear. Everything is sewn in the USA and custom made to fit YOU!

Ohayocon 2015 Wrap Up - Cosplay Repair

I hope all of you who attended Ohayocon this year got home safe and are warm and cozy. Last year's rotten traveling conditions came back to plague us, but it didn't seem to damper too much of the fun.

Thanks to everyone who visited the Cosplay Repair Area and Cosplay Gallery. We had a blast meeting all of you and helping out as many as we possibly could. Your enthusiasm in the halls and hotels brought us tons of new "customers!" Our growth was exponential this year, which is both good and bad.

For anyone who had to wait or got lost in the crowd, our deepest apologies. We didn't deliberately ignore anyone, but faces got lost in the jostle and crush. It's only Katie and me. And since I also judge craftsmanship, that left Katie on her own Friday night and all of Saturday. We are already working on a plan for better crowd control to keep things moving along next year.

We especially appreciate all the people who took time to help others with their repairs when our hands weren't free. We enthusiastically welcome your input and extra hands. You glued while others held, provided advice, suggested new products and generally stepped up to be of service. This is why we love the cosplay community!

Our service is not sponsored or supported by Ohayocon other than the fact that Live Events allows us to set up and operate in the Cosplay Gallery. We are not staff. I am considered a panelist because of judging, so I do get a badge. That is the extent of Ohayocon's contribution.

We pay our own room, board and transportation, and purchase Katie's badge. In addition, we supply all the materials and equipment used. This year, we burned out a glue gun and nearly had to send our best sewing machine out for repairs. We broke 8 needles, gave away hundreds of safety pins and some bobby pins, used up a tube of E6000, 3 tubes of super glue, and 3 50-count bags of glue sticks. Your generous donations helped to finance a 2 a.m. run to the store for additional supplies. Your great suggestions have added a number of things to our list to bring for next year.

I'm not complaining about the expense, I just thought you all should know how the repair table operates. We love being able to provide the services that put smiles on your faces because we saved you a trip back to your room, kept you from tripping over your costume, rescued your modesty (Yes, we did repair the crotch in a pair of jeans.), or held your cosplay together for just a few more hours.

If you weren't able to donate and still want to, there's a donation link below and one on the events page down in the past events section. And if you'd like to go shopping for some of the items we had on hand,  our Made to Measure Shop is up and running. If you're looking for more customized items or commissions, send email to barbara@historicalfashion.com or katie.historicalfashion.gmail.com.

Once again, thanks to all of you. We hope to see you next year!


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