Historical Fashion

Clothing that makes history

Custom clothing and costuming for cosplayers, dancers and anyone who wants to be able to move in their clothes - and still look great. Want the style but can't make it or find it? Tired of clothes that don't fit or fall apart? Historical Fashion will work with you to design and sew the garments you imagine.

We specialize in imaginative clothing & costumes for hard to fit women. Special occasion dresses. Historical costumes. Cosplay. Dancewear. Everything is sewn in the USA and custom made to fit YOU!

Where Have I Been?

I've been recovering from a serious back injury - an accumulated lumbar strain that grabbed hold of my sciatic nerve. I'm mostly recovered, but still have physical therapy every other week. My right knee tends to numbness and tingling, and I can't work as long or as hard as I did.

It was Ohayocon 2014 that pushed my injury over the edge. Flat on my back for almost a month, getting around with a walker for another couple of weeks, not able to start putting in time in the studio for a couple more months. I developed a new respect for ergonomics and a hatred of the daytime television wasteland.

Joker and Harley Quinn stop for a hallway shot at Origins 2014

Joker and Harley Quinn stop for a hallway shot at Origins 2014

Never one to let mishaps interfere with my goals, I took on a huge project for Origins Game Fair. I did a Steampunk Joker and Harley Quinn. I lived in purple velvet fuzz for weeks and worked 40 hours out of 48 to finish the costumes. As of now I'm still adding the final touches, but the costumes did debut at the con.

I've met with other challenges and learned a whole lot in the past year. The hardest lesson is the one about honoring my limits. Ohayocon 2015 will see me with a Sherpa. My assistant, Katie, will be there to help me lug stuff around and remind me to take a break once in a while!

There have been a lot of growing pains with the business as well, But those are subjects for another time. My message for today is, "I'm back and working hard at staying here!"


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