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Custom clothing and costuming for cosplayers, dancers and anyone who wants to be able to move in their clothes - and still look great. Want the style but can't make it or find it? Tired of clothes that don't fit or fall apart? Historical Fashion will work with you to design and sew the garments you imagine.

We specialize in imaginative clothing & costumes for hard to fit women. Special occasion dresses. Historical costumes. Cosplay. Dancewear. Everything is sewn in the USA and custom made to fit YOU!

Why I've Been Away So Long - Great News!

It's been quite a while since my last entry, mostly because I promised myself that this would not become only a place to put my Craftsy links. There will be a couple of irresistible ones down at the bottom of this post,though.

On to the great news. Historical Fashion by Barbara Anne is moving out of the basement and into the world of commerce. We've been working our tails off getting my new studio space ready for the public eye. It's been an adventure - from replacing outdated light fixtures to laying a (supposedly) easy wood laminate floor. Did that twice because the directions didn't include the helpful hint about how to get the boards to engage properly.

The walls are painted, the curtains are hung, the floor is finished, my incredible cutting table is in place and the tools and equipment are starting to migrate. There's even a beautiful sign on the door. Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep up a hellish schedule for Halloween and Ohayocon. And to top it off, I've been asked to judge a cosplay workmanship competition in a couple of weeks!

Nonetheless, the Grand Opening is scheduled and the first wave of invitations has gone out to my Facebook friends. Google contacts are next in line. Then flyers at local businesses and passed out by friends and associates. If you're reading this blog and you are within reasonable driving distance of North Olmsted, Ohio, I'd love to see you there!

Join us Saturday, November 9, between the hours of 11 AM and 8 PM for an Open House celebrating the opening of Historical Fashion by Barbara Anne's new location. There will be refreshments, studio tours, in-process and finished work to look at, a prize drawing and special offers. We invited current customers to attend in Historical Fashion clothing, so a fashion show is possible.

Special Guests include RTD Design Collective presenting their newest jewelry offerings and VCW Concepts, a videography, photography and digital transfer service. Historical Fashion shares space with VCW and will be offering courtesy discounts for the occasion.

We are located at 23792 Lorain Road in North Olmsted, Ohio with easy access from I-480 and I-90. If you are interested in attending, leave a comment and I will get back to you with better directions. Google Maps will not be descriptive enough.

I look forward to seeing you!

Craftsy links follow - FREE CLASSES and one I just have to take - Vintage Sewing Techniques!

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