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We specialize in imaginative clothing & costumes for hard to fit women. Special occasion dresses. Historical costumes. Cosplay. Dancewear. Everything is sewn in the USA and custom made to fit YOU!

Steampunk Jacket Update & Flash Sale at Craftsy

For today only, there's a huge sale at Craftsy. I'm putting up the banner that they say will update today. I don't know what's on sale; but they promise it will be terrific.

Meanwhile, the race to the Grand Opening continues. I'm picking up a huge mirror for the fitting area today, meeting with my event planner tomorrow and moving the last of the stuff essential for the party on Sunday. I continue to work on the Steampunk jacket.

Even though this is "only an unlined jacket," you know I can't resist those extra flourishes. Rather than go straight from moulage to pattern to fashion fabric, I opted to add a muslin of the jacket at my own expense. The customer was tough to fit and I wanted to make a few design tweaks that had to be done on her body. Muslin fitting went great! I made some minor changes to the angle of the princess seam in front, set up the collar the way I wanted it and placed the pocket.

I've drawn the sleeve and am ready to try it in the new armhole. Then cutting & basting the real fabric for a quick try before the final stitching. Right now, my camera doesn't talk directly to my computer, so I have to take several steps to get pictures published. There will be pictures! I promise!

Here's the Craftsy Sale:


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